December 8, 2013

I’m on a couple of recordings that are coming out soon. Readymade’s CD-debut will be out on Kopasetic, Cecilia Persson is releasing an album on Hoob Records and an album with Nyman/Nästesjö/Nilsson will be out on Nyman Records.

On top of that, an upcoming album with Andersson/Nilsson/Anderskov and a recording with Peter Epstein/Johnny Åman/Peter Nilsson are also being mixed and will be released during 2014.

Besides that, I am going to get back to my solo project soon. I’ve been too busy to be able to work on it this fall, but I’m picking it up again. lim is working on some new music and planning to record during next year and I’ll be part of a project that Cecilia Persson will be doing together with Norrbotten Big Band during 2014. A couple of new projects are also taking shape, more on that later.

I’ll also be adding some more videos and audio soon, stay tuned…